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New Singlkras trailhead in Brno - Mariánské údolí

New Singlkras trailhead in Brno - Mariánské údolí
Starting on Friday, May 4 at 11 AM we are officially launching the first two trails in new singletrail destination Brno - Mariánské údolí. It is a completely new destination for mountain biking in the Czech Republic. However, according to the name, it is obvious that it is a project of the same creators who have already launched the Singletrail Moravský kras (Singlkras) three years ago. Singlkras in small town of Jedovnice, north of Brno, became a well-known and popular target for mountain bikers from all over the country. A follow-up project was set up in Mariánské údolí, which has the ambition of connecting with the trails in Jedovnice in the future.
At this moment we are opening two trails with a total length of about 20 km. During the summer holidays we will also open a third brother which is now under construction. You can find all the necessary information about Mariánské údolí on our website here: singlekras.cz/en/trails-in-marianske-udoli
In near future, we would like to build the Base so that all the services for bikers are easily accessible. Bistro, bike service and bike rental, smal shop and infocentre. We believe that we will be able to open it by the beginning of the 2019 cycling season at the latest.
Have fun with your bike on these new trails and do not forget: LET'S RIDE TOGETHER!