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Trail No. 3 in Mariánské údolí opens on Saturday!

Trail No. 3 in Mariánské údolí opens on Saturday!

We are happy to share some great news with you. This Saturday on October 6, 2018 we will officially open Trail 3 in Mariánské údolí!

We originally planned to open the trail at the end of summer holiday, but due to the extremely dry weather we failed to meet the originally set deadline. In such a dry weather it was impossible to sufficiently compact the surface which was the only hitch for not completing the trail earlier. However, thanks to wet weather in the last few weeks the surface finally settled, even naturally without the use of any machines. The trail is now finally ready for full operation.

On Thursday and Friday there will be the final finishing works under way so we ask you not to ride until Saturday morning! Our shapers will be on the trail finishisng the marking and aligning the last little things, so that on Saturday everything is 100%!

Enjoy the ride and do not forget, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!