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What do you need for riding singletrails

A mountain bike is the most suitable type of bike to ride trails as it provides most fun, irregardless of the wheel diameter. We do advise you not to ride our trails on a road or city bikes. If you do not have a suitable bike, we will be happy to rent one out to you.

A helmet must never be left at home as it will protect your head in the case of a crash. Head injuries suffered when cycling are always the most severe.

A flat tire or any other accident like this can always happen, and so we recommend that you pack in a spare inner tube or patches. A pump, a basic toolkit and a chain tool are good to have on you, too.

Do not forget that sufficient hydration is needed when cycling, especially on hot days. An energy bar will come handy, too. If you do not want to bring some snacks and drinks with you from home, you can always buy them at the Jedovnice Base.



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