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About Singletrail

A singletrail is a narrow path built according to proven and tested methodology in forests and other natural locations. A path that never goes straight on for a long time, way too down or up the hill.

Singletrail is a narrow one-way natural path. It differs from other paths and trails by being built according to a specific and tried-and-tested method that takes advantage of knowledge and experience of our ancestors.

The particular methodology that we build our trails with, enables for an efficient and sustainable maintenance of the network of our trails. However, its main purpose is to provide YOU with joyful and fun ride that you enjoy to the fullest. This is the reason why our trails never climb for too long a time, and make it possible for you to descent in maximum speed.

We build our trails particularly for cyclists. This means that you need not worry about having to avoid hikers. You will not stray into protected areas or natural reserves, either. Our paths are nature-friendly.

A voluntary fee for riding our trails is to be paid in the Base in Jedovnice. The fee is voluntary and shall be used for maintenance of our trails, their further development and payments for rent to the owners of forested land that they lead through.




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