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Kůlna Guest House


Kůlna Guest House is a new accommodation facility that opened on August 4, 2017. It is located 1.5 km from the Base, and is surrounded by nothing but trees and forests, which means you can enjoy complete privacy and solitude. Stylish rooms, delicious cooking, outdoor terrace, bike shed... You can take advantage of all that in Kůlna.

Autocamp Olšovec


ATC Olšovec is located right next to the Jedovnice Base. It offers accommodation in tents or campers, or in lodges and bungalows.

Zámek Křtiny Chateau


If you prefer being supercomfy, you can spoil yourselves at the Zámek Křtiny Chateau, located 7 kms (12 mins by car) from the Jedovnice Base.



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