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Bike lessons and camps / BÝT LEPŠÍ

Dates and description of the camps

20. 4. 2019                 Basic

4. 5. 2019                   Basic

4. 5. 2019                   Ladies

1. 6. 2019                   Basic

1. 6. 2019                   Children

13. 7. 2019                 Basic

13. 7. 2019                 Ladies

3. 8. 2019                  Basic

3. 8. 2019                 Children

7. 9. 2019                 Basic

7. 9. 2019                 Ladies


The camps are designed for those who want to enjoy the trails more. They are designed for those who have never been to the trail as well as for those who have been riding for a long time, but don't feel like they have their bike completely under control. On the camp we will explain the basics of riding technique and how to get over various obstacles. The goal is your enjoyable and safe ride. If the basic skills are already under your skin, we will devote our mutual time to other skills such as how to speed up while riding over obstacles, how to make a wheelie or jump. After the camp you will be able to get the most out of the trail potential.

It is possible to arrange individual lessons anytime during the week. We will tailor the lesson exactly to your needs. The lessons can also take place in Mariánské údolí.


Link to the website of our bike instructor

more info here: https://www.byt-lepsi.cz/singletrail-moravsky-kras/