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Woodcutting on circuit 2 will last longer

Woodcutting on circuit 2 will last longer
Last week we have already had a closed circuit number 2 in Jedovnice due to wood cutting caused by the bark beetle attack in nearby woods. With all our efforts we have managed to open the circuit at least for the past weekend. It cost us a lot of work on Saturday morning when we had to pull off all the branches that were left after the wood cutting along the entire length of the trail. For excellent cleaning we have to particularly thank to our boys from the bike rental: Hraboš and Karel.
However, on Monday we received another unpleasant news - in the affected locality the bark beetle attacked many more trees than it seemed on the first sight, so the wood cutting has to continue. Current closure of Circuit 2 is therefore valid for the period of 21st - 31st August 2018. If foresters manage to clean the forest from bark beetle earlier, which may happen, we will of course inform you. But unfortunately the length of their work can not be accurately estimated, so we will have to wait and see when the situation will be taken under control.
Hold us your thumbs, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!