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2018 Bike Rental End-Of-Season Sale

2018 Bike Rental End-Of-Season Sale

The season is approching the finish line and this is the right time to start the End-Of-Season sale on our renting fleet! Here's how the sale process will look like:

1. You can find all bikes with prices at: http://singlekras.cz/en/bike-rental-jedovnice. All prices include Czech VAT.

2. To make a reservation please send us email at pujcovna@singlekras.cz or send a private message through our facebook page. Send us your: name, surname, email address, telephone number, invoice address. We will confirm your reservation by email (it will probably take us a few days, so please be patient). All reservations made before the date of this article are valid.

3. The bikes will be ready for pick up by Monday, October 15, 2018. We will arrange the particular pick up date and time by phone. 


A few notes:

Canyon bicycles are sold directly by the Canyon company, Singletrail Moravský kras is only accepting reservations and nading out the bikes. Therefore the only payment method is bank transfer. All other bikes (Kona, GT, Cannondale) can be paid for by cash, too.

Canyon bicycles will be available for pick up at the Jedovnice Base, but upon your request can be also picked up in the Czech base of Canyon in Ostrava. All other bikes (Kona, GT, Cannondale) will be available for pick up at the Jedovnice Base.